Our Students

Our students are referred to us by family, friends, the library, HCC and other agencies that are working with them. They range from 18 to 80 and are all nationalities.

In our Basic Literacy program, they receive help with reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary, pronunciation and math. We tutor students who are reading on a first grade level to those who want a GED.

Students in our ESL (English as Second Language) program are learning conversational English or preparing for the citizenship test. We have Rosetta Stone that students are welcome to use anytime.

We also work with Hagerstown Community College by providing tutors to HCC students who want one-on-one help while attending Adult Basic Education (ABE) classes. For more info on ABE, click here.

Tutoring with the Literacy Council is great for students who:

  • desire privacy and confidentiality
  • have a learning disability or other special needs that make it difficult to attend public classes
  • need a flexible schedule
  • are attending classes elsewhere but want extra help
  • prefer to learn at their own pace

Tutoring sessions are usually one to two hours each week and are usually one-on-one. Students will meet their tutors at a safe, quiet, mutually-convenient location such as our office, a church, library, the atrium at Robinwood Medical, a park picnic table or a secluded table in a quiet restaurant. We’ve found there are numerous distractions and interruptions when the tutor and student meet at the student’s home.

Students should understand that the tutor is giving of his or her time – they should be punctual for their tutoring session and call their tutor if they must miss a class. Student should regularly complete homework and reading assignments. Sometimes a Tutor/Student match doesn’t work out; either person may request a different match. Tutoring is free, but students are asked to pay for their books if financially able.

The steps to become a student with us are very easy:

Once we’ve received your contact info, you’ll meet with our Coordinator for a 30 minute evaluation. This is not a “pass or fail” test; it’s just a guide to let us know what book to start you on. Then, you’re placed on our Waiting List. Depending on the length of our waiting list, it may take a month or more before being matched with a tutor. Please be patient; it’s worth it! Once you’ve been matched, your Tutor will call to set up your first meeting.

If you’d like more info or you’re ready to get started, just contact us.   We’re here to help YOU.