Workbooks and Materials

Our office is filled with Workbooks, Skill Books, Teacher Manuals, supplemental readers and numerous other materials for our Tutors to use.  Below is an abbreviated list:

Basic Literacy

  1. Laubach Way to Reading – a four-level series that uses step-by-step lessons to take learners from what they know (the spoken word) to the unknown (written words.)  An excellent phonics-basic program for non-readers or low-level readers.

  2. Challenger – an eight-level series using phonics, vocabulary and sequential skill development via fiction and non-fiction stories.  An excellent structured program using writing and short answer exercises that are effective in improving basic skills.

  3. Voyager – a three-level series with a theme-based approach that teaches essential reading, writing, listening, speaking and critical thinking skills that encourage the student to be an active learner.  An excellent contemporary program for the student who enjoys dialoguing with his/her tutor through discussion and multiple choice questions.
  4. Supplemental Materials:

    • Focus on Phonics
    • Patterns in Spelling
    • Breakthrough to Math
    • Cursive Writing
    • Passing the GED
    • Life Skills (Signs Around Town, Controlling Your Money, Studying for your Drivers License, Fixing Your Car)
    • Fiction (Easy Stories) and NonFiction (religious, autobiographies, etc)


  1. Laubach Way to English – a four-level series that offers practice in listening to, speaking, reading and writing the patterns of English.  Lessons cover skills areas that are important in mastering English such as parts of speech, writing sentences, and filling out forms.

  2. English No Problem – a five-level program focused on developing critical thinking, cultural awareness, and building language and life skills.  Designed to address themes and issues meaningful to adults in the United States.

  3. LifePrints – a four-level program that helps adult ESL students gain English language skills needed to participate at work and in their communities.  Presents lessons through everyday life experiences faced by immigrants, their neighbors and co-workers.

    Supplemental Materials:

    • Word by Word Picture Dictionary
    • Oxford Picture Dictionary
    • Focus on Grammar
    • Grammar Wise
    • Citizenship: Passing the Test
    • Rosetta Stone